About us

The International student Congress on Clinical Innovation and Medical Sciences aims to set itself as the premier (bio)medical student congress in Italy and, in the following years, among the most prominent ones in Europe.

Our vision is to create a global community of students and young professionals passionate about clinical innovation and medical sciences. Through ICOCIMS, we aspire to inspire and support emerging talents in their pursuit of excellence, enabling them to contribute meaningfully to the improvement of healthcare worldwide. We envision ICOCIMS as a catalyst for transformative ideas, interdisciplinary collaborations, and evidence-based practice in clinical medicine.

The first edition of the ICOCIMS took place in 2023 and saw 150+ in-person attendees, 30+ presenters among oral presentations and posters, 50% of which were not from Italian institutions and came from 5+ countries​, 35 staff members, and 11 keynote lecturers from 4 different countries (Germany, Italy, USA, Taiwan) and various prestigious institutions (i.e., MD Anderson Cancer Center).

Abstracts Book

Download the Programme and Abstract Book of the first edition of ICOCIMS at the following link!

ICOCIMS 2023 – Programme & Abstract Book